High Impact Friends is an intense two days workshop with online influencers and top social brands. A unique experience and a trip to the future, this is the first reunion of social media and marketing specialists organized outside Romania. For two days, in Amsterdam, an exclusive group of people will meet, talk, learn and get coached about social media and digital marketing strategies. Join the conversation! Find out what's up and what's next in social media I Get one to one coaching from top bloggers and social media experts I Network with online influencers I Have fun in Amsterdam I Learn how to promote your brand through new media I Benefit of the social media exposure in the event I Be part of a unique networking experience.
Contact: Biz Age 213-217 Serban Voda, Diamond Park 1
Gabriela Matei, Brand Manager Biz
Phone: 0372.32.32.32, 0371.31.11.11, Email: gabriela.matei@revistabiz.ro
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